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“Kroog” Boys

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Lisa & Lindsay are sister, making these two “little men” cousins.  I’m already concocting ideas for when my sister and I have kids together!

2.  I love their matching outfits!  These two really rocked the striped look!  It kinda makes me want to sing “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis…Just me?  OK.

3.  These were taken in Lisa’s backyard in the Denver Highlands.  Um, I’d like to just move my studio right into her house!  Gorgeous landscaping!


Meet Owen!

Owen is the newest addition to my Baby Program!  What’s the Baby Program, you ask?  Simply, it’s your adorable new baby’s newborn or 3 month session, 6 month session and 1 year photography session, plus a free keepsake gift!  And yes, the 1 year session DOES include the super fun Cake Demolish session!  If you’d like to get your baby into the program, just give me a call (720-243-0422) or shoot me an email (!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  I’m absolutely, hands down in LOVE with that first image!  Who couldn’t agree?!

2.  Owen is quite the flirty ladies man already with that stunning smile!

3.  This is such a fun and funny age!  He kept rolling over onto his side just about every time I was ready to snap a photo!

I’m already looking forward to his 6 month session!

Photo Contest

Maria Healey (#sp1996) - Denver, CO June 29, 2011 - Twins' 1st birthday cake demolish! (Baby Entry)Please help us choose the most adorable cuties to be our models at the Creative Edge Kids show in your area. This is a fun contest open to all photographers and is solely meant to find Americas cutest kids for a live model shoot with Sandy Puc. Simply review the images in the galleries below and leave a comment to vote in favor of the child. Remember you are voting on the child and not the photographers technique.Hey Everyone,

I just entered Sandy Puc’s 2011 Creative Edge Kids Contest and I need your help to win! (What else are friends for than to help win popularity contests?)

A ton of really awesome prizes are on the line, including a FREE SmugMug Pro account and a 16×20 print from Bay Photo. To help me win, visit and find my image under (your city, your name).

To vote, simply make a comment under my image. The image with the most comments wins. Only one comment per person will count, so please, spend your time spreading the word instead of making multiple comments!

Thanks for all your help. You’re the best!

Cassie’s super girly session

1st Birthday Cake Demolish!

The Kerns twins celebrated their first birthday recently and I was so excited to offer them a cake demolish session!  They had a great time and they will probably never again have the chance to devour an entire cake with their parents looking on with smiles and giggles!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Color-coded cakes!  Pink for the little lady and blue for the fine young man, both with yellow polka dots.

2.  The smiles!  They are just in 7th Heaven mowing down on that sugary deliciousness!

3.  It gave me the opportunity to think about a better clean up situation post-shoot!  Next time, I’ll be a wee bit more organized and ready to roll the kiddos in nice warm towels!

Lisa, Maternity

Conor and Lisa are very close friends!  Conor is actually to “blame” for my husband and I meeting (thanks!).  It’s so incredible to see Lisa with this gorgeous baby belly now, it was such an honor to be her maternity photographer!  I’m looking forward to taking many more photos of this little guy when he comes into the world next month!  Congratulations to both of you!  Love you!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Hands down – Lisa’s “Knocked up” t-shirt!

2.  Conor was totally happy to be included in the photos.  You don’t always find it that easy to get a guy involved in these feminine sessions!  You rock!

3.  Lisa gets all the credit for the “BABY” blocks!  Now I need to start my search for some antique wooden ones to keep in the studio!

Riley – DSA head shots

Say hello to Riley.  I had the wonderful opportunity to work with him on Christmas eve.  He needed a head shot taken for his Denver School of the Arts audition.  Riley is a very talented actor and it was such a pleasure working with him!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Riley is such a mature child, but still loves to have fun!  He even did some silly faces for me so that I could play around with them in PhotoShop and make a collage.

2.  He didn’t want to do his monologue for me on photo day, but when him and his mom came back to pick up the photos, he did the entire thing for me – and it was perfect!  He has such an excellent memory!

3.  He dressed himself!  Don’t you just love the preppy/skater look he’s sporting?