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“Kroog” Boys

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Lisa & Lindsay are sister, making these two “little men” cousins.  I’m already concocting ideas for when my sister and I have kids together!

2.  I love their matching outfits!  These two really rocked the striped look!  It kinda makes me want to sing “Jailhouse Rock” by Elvis…Just me?  OK.

3.  These were taken in Lisa’s backyard in the Denver Highlands.  Um, I’d like to just move my studio right into her house!  Gorgeous landscaping!


Meet Owen!

Owen is the newest addition to my Baby Program!  What’s the Baby Program, you ask?  Simply, it’s your adorable new baby’s newborn or 3 month session, 6 month session and 1 year photography session, plus a free keepsake gift!  And yes, the 1 year session DOES include the super fun Cake Demolish session!  If you’d like to get your baby into the program, just give me a call (720-243-0422) or shoot me an email (!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  I’m absolutely, hands down in LOVE with that first image!  Who couldn’t agree?!

2.  Owen is quite the flirty ladies man already with that stunning smile!

3.  This is such a fun and funny age!  He kept rolling over onto his side just about every time I was ready to snap a photo!

I’m already looking forward to his 6 month session!

Lisa, Maternity

Conor and Lisa are very close friends!  Conor is actually to “blame” for my husband and I meeting (thanks!).  It’s so incredible to see Lisa with this gorgeous baby belly now, it was such an honor to be her maternity photographer!  I’m looking forward to taking many more photos of this little guy when he comes into the world next month!  Congratulations to both of you!  Love you!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Hands down – Lisa’s “Knocked up” t-shirt!

2.  Conor was totally happy to be included in the photos.  You don’t always find it that easy to get a guy involved in these feminine sessions!  You rock!

3.  Lisa gets all the credit for the “BABY” blocks!  Now I need to start my search for some antique wooden ones to keep in the studio!

Hughes Family

My wonderful husband is my biggest fan and he works his butt of finding me new clients.  Love him!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Immediately upon entering the studio/house, these two boys darted off to the basement and found a chess board they started playing with.  It was even more funny to me when the older brother came upstairs complaining to his mom that the other brother wasn’t playing right.  Apparently neither of them know how to play chess in the first place!

2.  I really wish I could just bottle up the energy of children and save it for myself!  These little guys were non-stop movement!  Amazing how I got them sitting still, right?!

3.  This session gave me the opportunity to build a collage of the images and even print off a large print from my Canon.  I’m pretty excited by new products!

Palilla Family, DIA

This was my first time using the benefits of the flat layout near Denver Int’l Airport (DIA) to conduct a photo shoot.  If you want to get a great view of the mountains, I highly recommend this area!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Aspen still has that soft puppy fur!

2.  I somehow managed to push my own overachieving limits!  While using the camera to take photos, I also balanced the reflector with my opposite hand and shoulder while using my foot to attract the dogs’ attention with a squeaky toy!

3.  The Palillas like to take family photos showing off the gorgeous landscape of their current location, so here, that naturally meant the mountains!

Retouching Challenge: part two

Apparently, I am the go-to-girl for photo fixes.  I don’t mind.  I’m actually quite honored that my friends trust me to take on these big challenges.  Who doesn’t love a challenge, anyway?

My friend Melinda has three children now and only one group photo of the entire family from this year.  She’s getting her holiday card ready to send out so she needs a decent photo.  Enter me!

Here’s before:


And here’s after I’ve been able to work my PhotoShop Magic:

Really quite simple, right?

I swapped out Trevor’s head from another photo at the time where he was looking at the camera.

I removed the burp cloths and comb from the arm of the couch.

I removed the pillow that was growing out of Melinda’s head.

The new crop helped to eliminate much of the clutter, but I also had to “clone” in the wall and carpet to get rid of those distractions and just clean up the appearance all together.

And of course I adjusted the curves, levels, and saturation as well.

O’Dorisio Family, Bass Pro Shop


My three favorite things about this session:

1.  They chose to have their photos taken at Bass Pro Shop!  Let’s give it up for thinking outside the box!  Kuddos!

2.  They were also referred to me by another client!  Bonus!

3.  The teenage boys did a good job of looking happy for their mom.  Love it!