New Endeavor!

I recently had to take a look at my photography business and assess where I saw the future of it going. As the hubs is in the military, that means we move quite often – like every 3 years. As expected, that makes running a business (any business) difficult. As I’ve just gotten comfy with building a great clientele, it’s time to take off for a new city. It especially makes the profession of wedding photography difficult, as most clients are a direct result of the relationships you build.

That brings me to my New Endeavor! I recently made the decision to specialize in high-end weddings, under my own name. I love the StudioSister name for family portraits and fun parties, but I needed something a little more sophisticated for my intended future clientele. Thank you for the years of StudioSister support! Please take a moment to go ahead and check out Maria Healey Wedding Photography and the new Facebook page to keep up to date with all things wedding photo related!


About Maria Healey

Photographer to stylists and stylish brides. Navy wife & new mom. Coffee drinker & dessert eater. View all posts by Maria Healey

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