Monthly Archives: June 2012

New Endeavor!

I recently had to take a look at my photography business and assess where I saw the future of it going. As the hubs is in the military, that means we move quite often – like every 3 years. As expected, that makes running a business (any business) difficult. As I’ve just gotten comfy with building a great clientele, it’s time to take off for a new city. It especially makes the profession of wedding photography difficult, as most clients are a direct result of the relationships you build.

That brings me to my New Endeavor! I recently made the decision to specialize in high-end weddings, under my own name. I love the StudioSister name for family portraits and fun parties, but I needed something a little more sophisticated for my intended future clientele. Thank you for the years of StudioSister support! Please take a moment to go ahead and check out Maria Healey Wedding Photography and the new Facebook page to keep up to date with all things wedding photo related!