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Photo Contest

Maria Healey (#sp1996) - Denver, CO June 29, 2011 - Twins' 1st birthday cake demolish! (Baby Entry)Please help us choose the most adorable cuties to be our models at the Creative Edge Kids show in your area. This is a fun contest open to all photographers and is solely meant to find Americas cutest kids for a live model shoot with Sandy Puc. Simply review the images in the galleries below and leave a comment to vote in favor of the child. Remember you are voting on the child and not the photographers technique.Hey Everyone,

I just entered Sandy Puc’s 2011 Creative Edge Kids Contest and I need your help to win! (What else are friends for than to help win popularity contests?)

A ton of really awesome prizes are on the line, including a FREE SmugMug Pro account and a 16×20 print from Bay Photo. To help me win, visit and find my image under (your city, your name).

To vote, simply make a comment under my image. The image with the most comments wins. Only one comment per person will count, so please, spend your time spreading the word instead of making multiple comments!

Thanks for all your help. You’re the best!


May Wedding Vendor Challenge

I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Best Wedding Sites Vendor Challenge again in May.  This time, the theme was a bridal shower in the colors of yellow, orange and blue.  Pamela Smerker, of Party Starters, put together the design and I simply photographed this time.  What a relief that was!  Pam is an incredibly talented woman and with the help of some other awesome vendors, the table looked incredible.  Big thanks go out to Pamela and her team, including Go Against the Grain for the custom flags, My Pink Little Cake for the custom designed cookies, Green Eyed Susan for the passion fruit macaroons, and Rae Design Studio for the custom message board.  Pamela was the creator of the beautiful treat boxes and ruffled cake boxes.

Something Different!

I forced myself to step outside of my comfort zone on my recent trip home to Iowa.  I actually took the time to pull off the highway on several occasions to photograph the beauty of the midwest, with a fine modern model of a vintage vehicle as the subject.  I’m so glad I did this (and I think the hubs is thrilled too)!  I encourage everyone to think outside of the box they’ve built around themselves and try something new.  On a daily basis, I take mental photographs.  This time, I was able to actually capture those images.