Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lisa, Maternity

Conor and Lisa are very close friends!  Conor is actually to “blame” for my husband and I meeting (thanks!).  It’s so incredible to see Lisa with this gorgeous baby belly now, it was such an honor to be her maternity photographer!  I’m looking forward to taking many more photos of this little guy when he comes into the world next month!  Congratulations to both of you!  Love you!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Hands down – Lisa’s “Knocked up” t-shirt!

2.  Conor was totally happy to be included in the photos.  You don’t always find it that easy to get a guy involved in these feminine sessions!  You rock!

3.  Lisa gets all the credit for the “BABY” blocks!  Now I need to start my search for some antique wooden ones to keep in the studio!


Erin & TJ, Belmar

After the great suggestion by a fellow Denver photographer, I met this fabulous couple at Belmar to do their engagement session.  TJ was a little skeptical, as Belmar is an outdoor shopping mall.  I was glad to hear Erin reassured him that we were coming here for the architectural elements, rather than the nature elements.  Not much to see there in terms of nature, unless of course, you consider a man-made ice skating rink to be natural…

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Erin & TJ met through our rather large group of friends and I had briefly met both of them on separate occasions years ago, before they even knew of each other.

2.  After speaking with them about some of their common interests, I was interested to hear that they both have a passion for running, as well as participating in races.  Their first race together was in Philadelphia.

3.  They are planning a short engagement and will be married this summer in Vail!  Gorgeous!  I can’t wait to be there to capture their amazing day!