Kids grow up so fast, that I think it’s really important to find the time to capture those moments in between all the “big” moments.  Here are a few sessions from my latest child sessions.

Alyssa & Trevor

These two cuties are twins.  This shoot was done right as they turned 7 months old.  It only became more apparent just how different twins really are!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  I plan on having boy/girl twins myself (because that’s so easy to plan, right…?) so this was great practice for when I’ll constantly be shoving the camera into the face of my own kids someday.

2.  I fell in love with Alyssa’s adorable little blue and brown polka-dotted dress immediately.

3.  Trevor looks just like a little man in his big boy outfit, complete with belt!  I also adore how smiley he is!



Cassie is the older sister of Trevor and Alyssa.  Her session was shot just a few weeks before the twins’ at City Park in the heart of Denver, CO.

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Doesn’t it look like she was just posing for these photos?!  She looks amazing!

2.  I think she really enjoyed our all girls afternoon in the park.  It gave her a chance to spend some one-on-one time with Mommy.

3.  Believe it or not, she was covered in mosquito bites!  Thank you, PhotoShop!


I’m proud to call Miss Dilana Lyric my niece!  I insisted on having a mini session with her while visiting family back in Chicago this past summer.  I’m looking forward to going back home again to shoot her 1st birthday cake demolish session!  I absolutely adore her!

My three favorite things about this session:

1.  Her name!  I love it!

2.  These photos were simply shot on my brother’s back deck, but I love shooting on brick walls, so I was thrilled.

3.  She was pleasant the entire time, right up until the end when she threw up all over herself.  Babies do that…

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